Peloton instructor Becs Gentry on running, living in NYC & puppy love


Becs Gentry, Peloton Tread instructor and ultra-marathon runner, living in New York on how she gets her happy hormones firing.

Our next guest on the DOSE podcast is Becs Gentry, the former Nike Run Coach turned Peloton Tread instructor and ultra-marathon runner, now living in New York. She talks about her fitness journey that began with a career in PR, her approach to self-care, how exercise affects her mood and how her puppy is filling her life with newfound happiness (and sleepless nights).

Peloton instructor Becs Gentry on making it in fitness

Becs discusses her career journey from PR into fitness, where she quickly began to work for some of the world’s leading brands from Equinox to Nike. On landing the gig at Nike Run Club as a Master Run Coach, she says a lot of it was down to personality, as well as being at the right place at the right time. “I was doing ultra marathons. It was the dawning age of social media as well, right at the start when your career could be changed by these tiny boxes on your phones… At school I was studying to be an actress… I wanted to be a presenter when I went to university, I look back and see there’s a reason why I went down all of these paths.”

Becs Gentry on moving to NYC

On moving from London to New York, she confesses that she didn’t tell her mum or dad that she went for the first interview with Peloton. “I flew to New York for 72 hours, I did some auditions, flew back that afternoon and got it past my mum, who I speak to every day. I called her so she couldn’t hear the ring tone that I was in a different country. I didn’t want them to panic that I was leaving the country and didn’t want to hurt them”.

“I was in a lucky situation that through Nike running, Cory and I travelled through many cities (Nike Run Club was in 40 cities). NYC was the home base for Nike Run Club. I got to meet such wonderful people, runners and different crews. They were my friends before I lived here and continue to be friends… I have more friends here than in London that I can run with. That was really reassuring”.

On how she gets her love hormone oxytocin firing

Becs talks about getting a new puppy during lockdown that came with some challenges. “The first two weeks of having him were hell. I’ve done multi day races, travelled across the world for three or four days, and I’ve never felt as tired and nauseous and confused but happy as I did the first two weeks of having Maurice because I didn’t sleep. I understand why people say have a dog before a baby”.

If you haven’t browsed the Peloton Treadmill yet, you’ll be wanting to by the end of this episode.

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